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Legal basis for self-employment

Many people dream of having their own business. But not everyone dares to take the leap into self-employment. An internationally successful company like QN Europe can provide the assistance you need as you are getting started: Products, a well-known brand, training opportunities – we offer all of this to our business partners right from the …

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Book Tips for Successful People

They fill huge arenas, like the Cologne Lanxess Arena, and capture the imaginations of countless people. Their audiences can be compared with those of a final match in the World Cup or the final of ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel’. We’re talking about money coaches. Armed only with a microphone, they fill whole arenas and get millions …

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Why failure helps you progress

The quote comes from Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb: “Out of 200 light bulbs which don’t work I learnt something new with each trial, that I could take into account next time”.

Many famous people had to live with great setbacks: For example, Walt Disney, who was deemed to be lacking in imagination …

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Making Deals: Tips for Successful Negotiations

Successful negotiation can be learned by anyone who follows a few rules of the game. The negotiation strategy plays a decisive role here. Whether it is maximalist, compromise-oriented, defensive, avoidant, or cooperative, the strategies are as different as the negotiating partners.

For long-term success

Cooperative negotiations have the advantage that neither party feels they are taken advantage …

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Clothes maketh the man

Whether you are in customer meetings, in the office or at company events, a look reveals a lot about the character of a person. For the first impression to be a success, you should avoid making fashion faux pas. We have put together a few tips for you on how to use your choice of …