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It is not a hobby, it’s a business

After only a few years in Europe, Wiam Issa Abboud (30), Syrian, is already one of the big players in network marketing at QN Europe.

As V Elite Leader and Leader of KnightS Team, Wiam is one of the most successful networkers at QN Europe and has given the opportunity to thousands …

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Five stunning facts about direct sales

The ten most interesting facts about direct sales have been compiled by Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland (BDD) in a survey of its members at the beginning of 2017. The information relates to the year 2016. We have put together five facts worth reading for you.

1. Every three seconds, a product is bought by direct sales
In 2016, …

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A career in network marketing has a lot to do with good presentation: people who succeed in “selling” themselves, a great product, business opportunities, will not only have more business success, but also enjoy their work more – and generate significantly more valuable recommendations. Although good things supposedly “speak for themselves”, even the trendiest kitchen …

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We can do without food for about three weeks, only last three days without water – and manage to survive a maximum of three minutes without air. Nevertheless, we think much more about food and drink than about our breathing. Air quality is not only decreasing on the streets of our cities: nowhere is the …