QN Europe meets Social Media – Jerome Hoerth introduces a new era

2020 will see QN Europe expand its social media activities significantly. The QN Europe business partners will receive seminars and workshops to dramatically strengthen the opportunities of network building via social media. The company itself also intends to further develop and expand its identity and appeal via the Internet, especially regarding its activities on Instagram and Facebook. QN Europe will be the first company in Europe to strengthen its own branding via social media and invest in this infrastructure. Furthermore, there will be exclusive training courses for managers in the field of social media recruiting. Jerome Hoerth, General Manager QN Europe, is convinced that this measure will strengthen the already high growth rate of the company.

Social media expert Samer Mohamad, 37, who is one of the specialists for social media and direct sales in Europe, will take on a leading role in the planning and implementation strategy. Samer Mohamad has advised many of the leading distributors in the energy, telecommunications, cosmetics, dietary supplements and financial services sectors on brand building via social media. He has won several awards for “Social Media Sales” and is also known as an author. For QN Europe, Samer Mohamad is acting as an industry-neutral and external consultant and coach. He will support QN Europe in strengthening the brand as well as in training and coaching the sales partners in the area of social media.

The first workshop with Samer Mohamad will take place on 1st and 2nd February 2020. Samer Mohamad will illustrate how recruitment via social media channels works. The core of the workshop is a partner and customer acquisition system. First and foremost, it will be demonstrated how serious customer loyalty can be built up over the long term. Noteworthy is that this tool is exclusively focused on the use of smartphones and thus gets to the core of the smartphone generation.

In a recent interview published on YouTube, both talk about these plans. According to Hoerth, QN Europe has put the year 2020 under the vision “QNEShapeYourLife“.  Hoerth: “We want to give our business partners who have little experience all the tools to make them successful. QN Europe has developed a training system that accompanies new partners step by step. This support will be available both online and offline. For example, with a Business Academy, a guide that enables them to implement the “day 2 day business” correctly. QN Europe complements the work of its leaders with a tool that, according to Hoerth, “really enables everyone to grow“. This, adds Samer Mohamad, is like a step-by-step guide to show every new partner “what should I do first, who can I talk to, how to use the products, how to earn my first thousand euros”.

QN Europe is also about encouraging the team spirit within its structures. Hoerth is particularly proud of the fact that QN Europe has a multicultural face. This also applies to topics such as sustainability at QN Europe, for example in product development, where animal testing has been consistently prohibited since the company was founded over twenty years ago, and where product ingredients have always been carefully selected. And also, the company itself promotes a sustainable view of the environment and its resources among its employees. One example is the company canteens, which offer exclusively vegetarian food. However, Hoerth emphasizes that this is not achieved by force, but rather is carefully offered to employees as an opportunity to shape their lives differently.

According to Hoerth, the idea of training QN Europe partners to maximise the potential of the social media world actually came about almost by chance. As General Manager of a company that operates worldwide, Hoerth had to ensure that partners could reach him no matter where he was. So he often posted information to partners on his Facebook account instead of sending a WhatsApp to 150 people. And he found that this allowed him to address his partners more directly and the flow of information was much better. He moved on to extracting a core message from corporate or team events, no matter which country they were held in, and posting it to Facebook and Instagram. A strategy that quickly led to success, Samer Mohamad analyses in an interview on YouTube, because in this way Hoerth gave his partners the opportunity to make his work for QN Europe visible.