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Are you joining us? Our product training in Paris is entering the next round


Voulez-vous faire partie? Notre formation produit à Paris entre dans la prochaine étape.

Après le grand succès de notre dernière formation produit en février dernier, vous avez maintenant la possibilité de poursuivre votre formation à Paris. Quand: Samedi 23 mars et dimanche 24 mars 2019, les personnes intéressées qui souhaitent rejoindre QN Europe sont …

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What you can learn from successful people

We all want to be successful. Whether it’s at school, in our private life or at work. Success often serves as a yardstick in our lives and motivates us. Nevertheless, success also means something different for every human being. Our subjective understanding of success is as individual as our personal goals and priorities. But why …

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Get out your comfort zone – How to tackle unpleasant jobs

Procrastination, avoidance or dragging your feet: there are many names for not getting on with unpleasant jobs.  The reasons why people avoid tasks are very individual.  We often feel overwhelmed and would rather spend our time on nicer things. To tackle an unpleasant task, first you should work out why you keep procrastinating about it.  …


5 Nutrition Tips for Business People

Always on the go, hurrying from one appointment to the next and chomping on a burger amidst the rush. Time for a meal: Not so much! Always on the move and busy, business people often have an unhealthy diet. But that mustn’t be the case. Even the biggest workaholic can optimise his or her diet …