NEW! GUARINGA-Green Fire: A healthy product to stay awake

An important meeting is scheduled? The boss is waiting for documents? After work, the children demand full attention? And just now you feel tired and limp and the desire for a nap is almost unbearable. If you do not want to leave anything to chance and want to be physically and mentally fit during the …


HomePure nova event in London on January 23, 2019

For many of us, it goes without saying that we open the tap and drink fresh tap water whenever we want. But who really worries about where the water comes from and what quality it has? And what about the water cleaning system in the UK?
These and other questions will be answered at the HomePure …


Looking for new ideas? Changing your own perspective helps.

Creative techniques help us in business to break our habitual thinking patterns. Especially when it comes to developing new ideas, for example, for customer acquisition, we often remain stuck in our usual thinking structures. Finding new approaches is very difficult if we do not abandon familiar paths. In our series, we introduce the Walt Disney …


How to solve complex tasks together: Just put a new hat on!

The success of teams largely depends on their cohesion. But different opinions or goals over time often can cause tensions and weaken the team spirit. In many cases, a clarifying conversation can help. In particularly complex situations, it helps to consciously change your perspective before forming an opinion.

The “6 hat method”
The cognitive scientist Edward de …

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Explore your creativity!

Long meetings, tiredness spreads all around and then suddenly brainstorming is needed. An idea has to be developed from now on. Mostly the result is very poor. But there are some ways to wake up your own brain. Because the brain is allowed to play. In this series, we introduce some creative methods that make …